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We partner with our clients to produce high-quality, commercial content with a pulse.

We want to bring your content to life, and we want you to love it - creatively and budgetarily.

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What We Do

Filming and Editing

Aerial (Drone) Cinematography

Motion Graphics & Animation

3D Modeling, Rigging, and Animation

Casting and Location Scouting

Sound Design and Audio Engineering



Color-Correction and Grading

Art Direction and Set Design

Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe

Voice Overs

Content Worth Watching

You did it. You hit the penthouse button in the video production elevator. Welcome to One Floor Up, where we create the most unique - leveled up - video content.

Visual Storytelling: The Art

There’s nothing like visual storytelling to bring your brand’s authentic voice to life. Need to explain a difficult concept? Establish trust and connection with your audience? One Floor Up brings the right composition, colors, lighting, camera settings, visual effects, color grading, animation, motion design, music and sound to expertly convey your ideas.

Custom Productions: The Craft

Every project is different. That’s why we value creativity and flexibility in our approach. We tailor each production with the right gear, the right expertise, and the right budget. Quality results build lasting partnerships, and that is our ultimate goal.

Come on in, make yourself at home.

Let's Talk About Your Goals

Based on the needs of each project, we make videos where we turn on cameras, and videos where we don’t. Equipped with the best cameras, crews, editors, animators, and creative teams in the industry, we’re prepared to guide you through each step of the process.

Creative Development

To get started, our creative teams develop concepts, scripts and storyboards. This gives us a clear vision for the project, and transforms ideas into cinematic experiences.


Next, our production teams put their expertise to work. This is when we roll cameras, fire up the animation suite, or 3D modeling software - whatever the project requires.


And lastly, our post team brings all the pieces together through the magic of editing, motion graphics, and sound design. Voila! Your masterpiece is complete.

Client Love From Every Location

Our highly skilled team of processionals work where the projects are, coast to coast. Learn more about our studios located in Denver, CO and Dallas, TX

One Floor Up Locations

“This was a dream project for me and an exciting collaboration with One Floor Up to create a captivating and enlightening deep-dive into the world of cybersecurity and ransomware that could help build a foundation of knowledge for small and mid-size businesses to improve their cyber resiliency.”

Brynmore Williams - Director