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Video Production in Denver, Colorado

One Floor Up is strategically based in Denver, one of the most innovative, fast growing markets in the nation.

Our Denver History

Denver is a tech hub with many enterprise-level businesses

Our clients appreciate its central location, and the cost-savings that come from producing video outside of an entertainment mecca.

This is where One Floor Up was born and raised, and we’re proud of our roots. We are a bit of a location expert, which has many perks, including a mutually beneficial relationship with Denver’s greater creative industry. The Mile High city is a great place to make videos!


(720) 457‑5616


3899 Jackson St. Bldg 2

Denver, CO 80205

So, You Need a Video

Why Work Locally?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trusted creative resource just down the hall? Or right upstairs?

A full-service production company who really “gets” you, and can represent your authentic voice to the world through event production, live-action video, animation and 3D?

How great would it be to know a wildly talented group of writers, animators, cinematographers, editors and producers, who are so dedicated to seamlessly collaborating with you that they like to think of themselves as your “in-house” video partner?

Well, that’s us. We’re One Floor Up, and we’re excited to work with you!

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Why Work Locally?

About Us

Working With One Floor Up

Formalities aside, let’s talk about you. Because while we love to showcase our skills and geek out about the fascinating craft of video production, the best thing about our work is you. 


Since 2011, One Floor Up has collaborated coast-to-coast with some of the most amazing people. And it’s these relationships that continue to light our creative fire.



Yes, we bring our creativity, our technical expertise, and local knowledge, but first we listen to truly understand you, your needs, your company culture and values.



We don’t want to create just one video with you. We want a partner. We want to build a content library that is worthy of the legendary brands and meaningful causes that you champion every day.

This is how we’ve built our business. One video, one relationship at a time.
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