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Virtual Events

Your Content On The Big Screen

One Floor Up is your go-to partner for quality online video. But did you know that we create just as much content for the big screen?

Virtual and Hybrid Events - With Live Stream

Virtual and hybrid events are not just a pandemic hold-over. They are as relevant as ever.

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Many companies are looking for ways to connect a remote workforce. Others want to build better brand relationships through engagement and interactivity.

One Floor Up is here to help you create virtual experiences that are worthy of all the hype.

We’ve used our expertise in this area to support space technology companies, cybersecurity organizations, and global online universities (just to name a few!). We can put our comprehensive event production services to work for you too.

  • End-to-End Virtual Support
  • Real-Time Interactivity - Live Chat, Q&A, Polls
  • Custom Creative Elements
  • Flawless User Experience
  • Post-Event Recap / Highlights Reel

Give your message a boost or put the spotlight on participants and team members.

Consider videos that feature:

  • Keynote Speakers
  • On-site Attendee Interviews
  • Pop Culture Inspired Team-Building and/or Training Content
  • Post-Event Recaps

Video is the most dynamic way to capture attention and rise above the noise with:

  • Sizzle Reels
  • Walk-up Videos
  • Hype Content
  • Eye-Candy - with or without interactivity

Bring flair to your sales meeting, trade show booth, or fundraising gala with an immersive cube/cylinder/dome, or otherwise oddly shaped video screen.

We’ve got you covered there too:

  • LED Projection Mapping
  • 360-Degree Video

Case Study - Webroot CSA

Taking advantage of an incredible booth design with two giant LED screens, one in booth, and another floating 30 feet in the air, we created a dynamic video experience that grabbed attendees’ attention, drew them in and kept them engaged.

Supercharge Your Event With Video

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Every event can benefit from more engagement. Video is the best way to deliver the type of energy, creativity and intrigue that participants expect. We create custom videos to match the theme, tone, style and overall goals of your event. Let’s make content that you are proud to put on the big screen!

If you're hosting a virtual event for the first time, or are looking to add a little oomph to your next one, the One Floor Up team - your technical and creative powerhouse - is ready and waiting.