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Animated Video Production

One Floor Up is a leader in animated video production for corporate, promotional, and informational uses. The beautiful animations we create help drive enquiries, sales, and brand awareness.

One Floor Up follows a three step process to go from concept to final edit for our animated videos.

Animated Videos


We pride ourselves on knowing our clients well. And we mean really well. If we don’t take the time to learn everything we can about your business, then how can we be expected to tell an effective story that will resonate with your desired audience? In order to learn your business or department’s goals, we like meeting your team first and finding out how you operate.
Animated Videos

Style & Tone

Collaboration allows us to take the “Understand” component of our approach to the next level. Even though we’ll do everything we can to learn your business inside and out, no one will know it better than you and your team. Collaboration is integral to developing the best possible solution for your business.
Animated Videos


And now to the fun part: Create. Creating a perfect solution for your business is why we get out of bed in the morning and why you hired us in the first place. Breaking through the clutter is paramount to any company’s messaging, and we won’t rest until we deliver exactly what you need to speak to your desired audience and get the results you deserve.

Valued Partners

We've worked with some brilliant folks over the years.