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2023 Year in Review
One Floor Up – 2023 Demo

As the year draws to a close, we’re excited to share our latest demo reel! 

Check out the 3D treatment on this video. It took extra time and effort from the post team to get it just the way they wanted it. Great job, you guys! The magic you continue to churn out is always impressive. 


We’ve been fortunate enough to work with many amazing people this year. Our client projects always allow us to collaborate in new ways and further develop our craft. Thank you for choosing us as your creative partner!


Across the nation, we had front row seats – so to speak – to new and noteworthy events. 

In Dallas, the opening of Meow Wolf resulted in a super fun two-night shoot for the One Floor Up crew.

In Denver, the Nuggets’ NBA Championship extravaganza resulted in equally exciting video production opportunities. The One Floor Up production and post teams brought their A-game with masterful story-telling and motion design. 

We also worked with global communications company, Viasat, to support event video production around the launch of their new ground-breaking satellite in Florida. 


In 2023, many of our clients were open to shaking things up. And why not? 

From conference videos to tv commercials, the consensus around the office is that many of our favorite projects included a healthy dose of fun and humor. Here’s one case in point-

Sunwest Commercial


In a broader sense, 2023 may be remembered as the year that:

  • Collins Dictionary announced “AI” as the most notable word
  • NASA planned its first trip to the moon in over 50 years
  • Rock stars Elton John and Ozzy Osbourne concluded their last tours
  • And we said a final farewell to performers like Tina Turner and Matthew Perry


At One Floor Up, 2023 marked our 12th year as a company! In that time we’ve grown five-fold in number of employees, and exponentially in terms of connections, creativity, and prospects. 

If we’re as lucky as Elton, Ozzy and Tina – who all kept rocking well into their golden years – we hope to do what WE LOVE for many years to come. 

To that end, we’ll keep striving to be the creative partner that is – in the anthemic lyrics of the late, great Tina Turner – Simply the best. Better than all the rest!

Here’s to more great collaborations in the year to come!

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