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Using Humor in Video – Part One

The last thing the world needs is another boring video. So, let’s consider for a moment what it would look like if we decided not to take ourselves so seriously, or not to take our content so seriously. 


Often, a slight shift in perspective is all it takes to breathe new life into a project. 


Over the next few months, we’re going to discuss many different ways to do that. This month’s blog series will explore the power of humor.  We’re going to talk about how it works, why it works, and the tremendous benefits it delivers.  


At first glance, there’s nothing about construction surveying equipment that lends itself to comedy. But, in the capable hands of our One Floor Up crew, this material reaches the audience in a way that is fun, authentic, and memorable:



Humor allows people to let down their guard. When this happens, your message can land more effectively with them. Laughing and smiling grants access to people’s hearts, creating an emotional response, a connection that won’t as easily be forgotten.  




Knowing how to apply visual effects, sound effects, and creative editing techniques to amplify humor are important skills that can make all the difference between a mediocre video and a magnificent one.


Did you listen to the song in this Trimble video? Yes, it provides the basis for Phil’s dance moves, but it also lyrically and stylistically sets the perfect tone for this light-hearted piece. Without it, this video would not be the same. 


This musical track was specifically developed for the video by One Floor Up. Didn’t know that custom songs were part of our repertoire? Yes! Our team knows how to use all kinds of effects to dial up the funny, and make sure your video hits the mark.  




The mechanics of humor can initially seem like a mysterious language – what translates into humor that works compared to humor that falls flat?


Well, believe it or not there is an art and craft to comedy. One way to describe the comedic elements at work in this Trimble video is through the concept of Wavy Line / Straight Line. This idea, developed by renowned comedy expert and teacher, Steve Kaplan, is about focus.


In video production, carefully planned out shots tell the audience where to focus. For example, a shot of Phil dancing on the job (Wavy Line), is followed by a shot of his co-workers watching (Straight Line). 


As our focus shifts beat-by-beat, Wavy Line / Straight Line explains the dynamics at play. And the amusing, or laugh out loud, moments are often not the “funny” line or character, but rather another character’s reaction to what is happening. 


Kaplan explains that comedy isn’t about us watching somebody do something funny, but rather us watching someone watching someone do something funny. 


In his book, The Hidden Tools of Comedy – The Serious Business of Being Funny, Kaplan emphasizes that “Comedy is about teamwork. It’s not about one person being funny”.


Similarly, at One Floor Up, we thrive on the dynamic collaboration that comes from working with all of you. So, let’s create something great! 


If you bring the content, the request, the initial seed of inspiration… We promise that our creative teams will help make it shine.

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