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Featured Client – OpenX

“It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen in our lifetime or in the history of mankind.” 


This is how Erica Schmidt, Global CEO of Matterkind, describes the unique digital landscape we all currently inhabit. It definitely gives you pause – never in the history of the world have we ever been inundated with so much information


Schmidt is among the innovative thinkers featured in the People of Vision (POV) series that One Floor Up recently produced for OpenX – the world’s largest independent advertising exchange and a leader in programmatic advertising. Check it out here:




Programmatic advertising uses automated technology to buy media space, and real data to precisely target audience segments. Unlike traditional, often manual, methods of digital advertising, which aim to find the right audience through casting a wide net.

Given the unique digital landscape that Schmidt describes, this series examines what drives people in their brand decisions and why it’s so important to focus on targeted, conscious connections.



Collaboration with amazing clients is what makes our work so much fun. The insights we gained from the thought leaders in the POV series have helped us re-invigorate our own efforts in relationship marketing


So, thank you to OpenX for trusting us with their video production needs! And a special thanks to Erica Schmidt, as well as the other fascinating minds that this series introduced us to – Cara Lewis (CIO at Dentsu Media), Valerie Carlson (Global CCO at Critical Mass), and Lou Paskalis (President and COO at MMA Global).




We love to hear from happy clients! It’s always great to know that the behind-the scenes efforts of our hard-working team does not go unnoticed. Lou Paskalis, from the POV series (President and COO of MMA Global) had this to share:


“From the set, camera transitions, edits, the animations, etc. every aspect of these videos was off the charts. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I cannot think of a single project that I’ve been involved with – including for NBCU and Google – where the production was at this level of quality – and thoughtfulness. It’s an absolute pleasure to be associated with this.”  


Thank you, Lou! Recognition like this certainly encourages us to keep doing what we do.

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