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3 Ways to Improve Video Engagement

Do you ever think about all the behind-the-scenes efforts that go into making a video? Even a short one? This brief compilation – from Yasso’s Moments Campaign – shows just how many “takes” it takes to get it right.




So, with all the effort that goes into creating video content, how can you be sure that it’s reaching your audience? Does it actually increase engagement? After all, video is a communication tool, a means to an end.


Here are 3 things to consider when it comes to creating video content that works:


#1 Be Authentic


People love authenticity – in their family, their friends, and in the brands they use. According to this survey from Social Media Today, 80-90% of all viewers fall into this category. It’s especially true of younger generations.  


Interestingly, the majority of people also believe that most brands lack authentic content. So, if you can get this right, then you’re already cutting through the noise.


#2 Be Consistent & Specific


Jon Flacke, who wears many hats here at One Floor Up – Partner, Producer and Business Development –  says that our digital life these days is like a stream, or a river, not a lake. So, our content to engage viewers in this space should also be constantly turning over, and “alive” with new information.


“One good evaluation tactic,” he says, “is to consider your audience’s most likely objections or questions. Then, look at your content library and make sure those topics are represented in a specific way – not buried in a 3-minute video – but bite size and broken up in a way that makes sense.” 


This is a surefire way to get people into your sales funnel on an on-going basis. 


#3 Be Creative


Using humor, pop culture, or an inspirational, poetic approach in your video are all great ways to connect with your audience and share your brand’s unique personality. 


Simply consider the highly anticipated commercials of Super Bowl Sunday. They always tend to raise the bar in one of these areas (humor, pop culture, inspiration) and every year people can’t wait to see them, even non-football enthusiasts. 


Stay tuned in the weeks and months ahead as we post an upcoming blog series on each of these topics. We’ll also share lots of fun examples from our own video library as food for thought.  


Featured Client – Yasso


Video can be the most effective way to engage your audience. In fact, the majority of marketing professionals confirm that video content delivers their best ROI.  

Yasso, the frozen dessert company, has seen great success from their video marketing efforts. Here’s one of the 30-second spots from the Moments Campaign that we produced for them, as well as a client testimonial.




“One Floor Up has quickly become our partner for scaled video production.  They have lived up to their mission of becoming our in-house content production team. They moved from valued partner to an integral part of our team, immediately helping us refine our vision, scope the right production,and ultimately create creative that is driving fantastic results in market.“

Andy Judd, Chief Marketing Officer, Yasso


People want to engage with your brand, and a video content library delivers what they are looking for. Creating great video content doesn’t take months, and it doesn’t need to carry a hefty price tag.  

As your creative partner, we’ll help identify how to best tell your story, and produce it in a way that connects with your audience. Please reach out if we can support your video and event production needs. 

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