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Webroot – Expo Booth Videos
RSA Case study still


It takes just seconds for a person to walk past a booth at an exhibition and decide whether to stop and check it out. That isn’t much time to grab someone’s attention. Factor in an expo floor with over 600 companies and 42,000 attendees, and we definitely had our work cut out for us.  


Taking advantage of an incredible booth design with two giant LED screens, one in booth, and another floating 30 feet in the air, we created a dynamic video experience that grabbed attendees’ attention, drew them in and kept them engaged.


We captured live actors on green screen engaging with a variety of digital devices, using different angles, moves and a dolly set-up. Special care had to be taken to make sure our post work would be possible, so we brought in a Technical Director to make sure we were capturing things exactly as needed.  

Taking this footage back to our office, we were able to incorporate Webroot’s flat design style, and add depth, dimension and additional visual interest to an already exciting look that engaged RSA attendees from across the exhibition hall.


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