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Denver Neighborhoods – The Highlands
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Convey the essence of 18 Denver neighborhoods to visiting tourists in 2 minute videos.


We told the story of each neighborhood through the the eyes of prominent business owners and residents. For each neighborhood we interviewed 3-4 prominent residents or business owners. Our idea was to tell the story of each neighborhood form a very local perspective. The visitor gets to learn the essence of the neighborhood from a first hand account. We thought this brought personality and flavor.


We spent countless hours scouting each neighborhood for the best locations. Yes, that meant many happy hours at many bars, and way too many delicious espresso drinks at a ton of awesome coffee shops. Not to mention all the small independent retailers hidden around the city. Our interviews were experts on the most local level, down to the block of a neighborhood. Their emotional connection to area was the perfect grab for a media hungry tourist ready to experience Denver.



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