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Crocs – Lite Ride Shoe Launch Video
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Make a shoe brand that most people don’t associate with high fashion, sexy and techy, just that.


Crocs came to the table with a rough idea for the spot which had legs, so we took it, enhanced it and brought it to life. But as with all things here at One Floor Up, making it good wasn’t good enough. We had to make it great.


Capturing enough footage for a :15 teaser, a :30 hero and some social media cut downs, we shot as much of the real shoe as possible, relying minimally on CGI, so our audience could see first-hand just how beautiful this shoe is.

Filming for 2 full days over at Manmade Studios, we captured hours upon hours of footage, grabbing as many angles, set-ups, moves and lighting schemes as we could.

No smoke and mirrors, no BS, just pure, real, LiteRide goodness.


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