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RS2 Hot Chocolate
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RS2 Technologies, a global company that has specialized in payments processing over the past 30 years (primarily in Europe), was in the market for a video to launch their U.S. operations. The message needed to be one of simplicity, since RS2’s software streamlines that which can otherwise be very complex.


For this one we favored a fun and light-hearted approach. We used the concept of a child selling hot chocolate to show how simple payments processing should be – even a seven-year-old can master it!

The young entrepreneur portrayed in the video grows her business through RS2’s “one-stop” payment solutions, inspiring in the audience a sense of ease and forward momentum regarding their own business development (at least as far as global payments are concerned).


RS2 is the brainchild of two senior banking executives who saw the need for a new type of payment solutions software.

This uncomplicated video approach – with a focus on bold, smooth camera-moves, bright colors, and childlike enthusiasm – seeks to align RS2’s modern-day business message with these humble beginnings. It’s an unlikely, and particularly refreshing, take on the finance/tech communication.

As this global tech leader engages in a company rebrand, and prepares to collaborate with us on additional video projects, they plan to maintain a voice of playful confidence that this initial launch video accomplished.  


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