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Jeppesen – Avocado
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For obvious reasons, maintaining focus and avoiding distractions are major issues in the airline industry. Our challenge was to show this without resorting to the same old, tired explainer type or fear based content.


To solve this problem, we took advantage of an informal discussion that many on the Jeppesen sales team would engage in with potential customers about an avocado. And once you bring avocado into the discussion, you’ve only got one direction you can go… delicious guacamole.

But the devil is in the details, and we made sure that the details we were featuring were both obvious and not so much.  


Our set was a modern kitchen and we had our actor repeatedly walk through the exact same process (approximately 20 times) of starting to make guacamole, beginning with getting the ingredients out of the refrigerator and gathering a knife, cutting board, etc. Our camera was on a slow moving track pushing in to a bowl of avocados on every single take. And here’s where it got extra tricky.

Using our actor as the transition point, we were changing subtle details on each and every take. Wait a minute, was that towel blue? Now it’s red. The magnetic letters on the refrigerator door said one thing when it was opened and now it’s closed and the letters changed. We did that with almost every single thing in the kitchen before ending on our final shot; a loop of everything that changed throughout the spot.

The heavy lift on this project came from our art department that had to keep all of our props organized and switched out appropriately, our cinematography team that had to keep everything lined up perfectly, our editing team that had to layer all of the different takes on top of each other in post and our actor that had to basically act like a robot and do the same thing over and over all day.


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