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Case Study

Central Asia Institute – Journey to Pakistan
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When journalist Sa’adia Khan returned from her 10-day trip to Pakistan, she handed us 347.48 GB of photos and videos. In turn, we were asked to concept and execute on a video that would educate current donors on where their money is being spent and encourage other prospective donors to contribute. Besides that, the creative approach was up to us. Challenge accepted!


Our goal was to create something authentic, just like the photos and videos of the people and landscapes Sa’adia captured in Northern Pakistan. We felt the best way to tangibly tell this story was to create a travelogue using the media Sa’adia captured. To accomplish this, we designed a book that incorporated photographs and embellishments from Sa’adia’s trip. To top it off, we embedded video on to the page in post to really added a fantastical element to the piece.


The travelogue style video was a cool enough approach, but we chose to take it to the next level by making it a practical, stop motion project.

To accomplish this, we brought on a designer to layout each page.


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