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Gogo – A Day in the Life of a Box
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If you own a corporate jet, chances are you’ve heard of Gogo, a Colorado-based company that provides inflight Wi-Fi and connectivity solutions. Gogo wanted a compelling way to illustrate the technological expertise and craftsmanship that defines their luxury brand.


We decided to turn a lens on a component of inflight connectivity that very few people ever see – a small, but mighty, black box that makes communications through the ether possible.

Day in the Life of a Box focuses on both the macro and the micro story, from Gogo’s flight simulation process, down to the minuscule circuitry that connects it all. This piece relied heavily on motion graphics to deliver tech-related content, and quickly identify proprietary features that differentiate Gogo’s product design


This approach required a coordinated effort behind-the-scenes. Our Director of Photography, and dedicated team of motion-graphics and animation artists, worked together very closely. It was important to capture, and then animate, a visual story that truly communicated Gogo’s tech-focused message of precision and excellence.  

While highly technical and efficient, the team at Gogo really prides themselves on bringing a personal touch to each and every box. The video captures this spirit by elevating that which, at first glance, may appear to be a just a mundane manufacturing process. Through the right lens, the mystery of the black box is transformed into a thing of beauty.


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