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Your Content on the Big Screen

One Floor Up is your go-to partner for quality online video. But did you know that we create just as much content for the big screen?

One Floor Up – Event Production Demo Reel

This month, one of our clients hosted their annual year-in-review event. This all-around fun evening always has a robust video line-up. New to their agenda this year was a hype video to honor 2023 NBA Champions, the Denver Nuggets. We also created interactive video transitions for the live host that played off the event’s AI theme.


Every event can benefit from more engagement. If you want to give your message a boost, or put the spotlight on participants, consider videos that feature keynote speakers, on-site attendee interviews, and post-event recaps.

Need to rise above the noise? Capture attention in an exhibit hall or trade show booth? Then let’s put together a dynamic sizzle reel, walk-up videos, hype content, or eye-candy.

Perhaps your sales meeting or fundraising gala calls for a 500-foot digital tree, an immersive cube/cylinder/dome, or otherwise oddly shaped video screens. Yep, strangely enough, we’ve got you covered there too! With our LED projection mapping technology and 360-degree video capabilities, the sky’s the limit – literally.

Denver’s Mile High Tree
Igloo Vision Immersive Technology
Telluride Aids Benefit Performance
Telluride Aids Benefit Performance


One Floor Up covers all things video and tech-related for your event. AV? Check. Stages? Check.

As your creative partner, we manage your project from start-to-finish AND deliver other creative elements as well! Some of our favorites over the years include the aviation-themed comedy troupe that we created for one of Boeing’s internal trainings, and invigorating yoga breaks that we included in a meeting for the healthcare services provider, Optum.

Attention to the attendee experience is what makes for the most memorable and successful event. This is true whether you’re planning to meet in-person OR virtually.


Okay, virtual and hybrid events aren’t typically considered “big screen”, but they’re definitely worth talking about as part of our events offerings. We’ve used our expertise in this area to support space technology companies, virtual power plant operators, and global online universities (just to name a few).

Curious about what this looks like? Click here to learn more.


There’s one more category of videos that is SO. MUCH. FUN. And yet very purpose-driven as well.

At One Floor Up we love to create internal videos for everything from training to team-building. This is where we turn the lens on your team, and apply appropriate pop culture themes. Then, ta-da! You’ve got a stellar narrative with movie stars that your whole company will recognize and relate to.


When talking about event videos, this is just the tip of the iceberg! We create custom videos to match the theme, tone, style and overall goals of your event.

To round out the examples shared today, I’ll leave you with one more sample video – it’s a nod to the future of technology. This excerpt of an aspirational video we created for a corporate leadership conference is proof of concept that wherever your company is headed, One Floor Up is here to understand, collaborate, and create right alongside you.

Let’s make content that you are proud to put on the big screen!

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