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Digital Hugs – 5 Ways to Use Social Media to Get Closer to Your Customer

So you know about the importance of having a social media presence for your business, and you probably know some stats like how 4 in 10 digital consumers use social networks to research new brands, or how an average of almost 2.5 hours are spent every day on social networking and messaging. Social media is an evolving and ever-expanding outlet to speak to your audience, and finding traction in this mode of communication is the new way to build your brand. The fantastic thing about social media is it’s a fresh landscape, open for innovation and exploration. So what kinds of video should you use on social media? Boom. Here’s a short list for ya.

  1. Tutorial Videos: It’s pretty simple. Teach people how to do something. The Internet has made knowledge so accessible that anyone can learn anything whenever they want. So make them want to learn about your business, your brand, or your culture. It’s important to put some time into producing these videos, as they directly reflect on the perceived competence and quality of your company. Here’s a great example of visually pleasing, simple and informative.
  2. Interview/ Q&A or The Talking Head: These simple but effective videos address common questions in a traditional forum that people are used to. Putting your people on camera, talking about your business, humanizes your organization and builds people’s trust in your brand. Again, beware, we are still working in a world of lightning quick attention spans, so keep these brief and to-the-point. You can always produce additional content that people can follow down the rabbit hole if they’re hungry for more. Cooke Optics consistently produces content like I consume like crazy, as well as almost 70,000 other people.
  3. Announcement Videos: Essentially, let people know about a specific event that’s important from the release of a product or a change in personnel. These videos should be fun and ignite your audience’s curiosity. You can even produce an interesting campaign like Director Darren Aronofsky and company did with the mother! social media campaign. While your business may not need a mysterious scavenger hunt to build excitement about your product, remember what Andy Warhol said, “The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting.”
  4. Promo Videos: So you’ve got a list of goods and services. You’re just ramping up your social media presence. People need to know what you got! These videos are concise, not comprehensive spec sheets. They specifically focus on the product, with broad strokes. If people need more detail, they will contact you for it. And always make your product look as good as possible. We did a pretty good job with Crocs on this one. Again, I repeat, no IPhone!Crocs teaser
  5. Live-Streaming and Event Videos: Facebook Live is a thing, Instagram Stories is a thing, YouTube Live is too. Any social media platform worth the time has a way to livestream content. What a great way to engage your audience “in the now”! Bringing an immediacy and “reality” to your content brings you closer to your customers, and lets them feel like they’re seeing behind the curtain. Check us out on St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll be streaming the whole parade from downtown Denver live via Facebook!

These are a couple options for ways to reach across the vast social media universe and say hello to your customers. The more you’re on the top of their mind, the more they’ll return to you and your business. There are some strategies you should employ like consistent, frequent posting as well as others. You should probably think about calling us at One Floor Up. We do video really well. I mean, really well. Let’s figure out how to make you friends with your customers!

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