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Arcade ShrEdit

Arcade stillOur post-production team here at One Floor Up embodies collaboration, with each one of us contributing to each of our projects. But every so often, our edit team gets the itch to be competitive and stand out. We came up with what we have started called the “ShrEdit”. The ShrEdit gives each editor only 1 hour to utilize any of the footage taken at a chosen event (of which they do not see until the start of the hour). The editors then use that footage to create an edit, at least 1 minute long, and we all vote on the winner. This gives all of the editors a chance to show their chops, show their unique style and it’s a whole lot of fun!


The event for this ShrEdit is from a recent team building event at an arcade. We gathered our ubiquitous phone cameras and started shooting our antics at air hockey, shooting zombies, or skee-ball. We shot a bit more than the average selfie-obsessed teenager, because we had a purpose for all this footage besides laughing at how bad Ryan is at shooting.

The next week, we gathered all the footage together. Again, we then gave all 5 editors one hour each to create their own vignette using as much or as little of the arcade footage as they like. They could use any other sources, any music, as long as it had some of the arcade footage in it, and it was completed in the hour allotted.

We think we came up with some stellar edits, given the time constraints. Take a look below, and vote for your favorite! (Keep in mind that they’re a little rough around the edges since there wasn’t much time for polish.)



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