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Video as a Communication Tool


Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.   

– Robert McKee, author, lecturer, story consultant


Long form, documentary-style video is a great way to cover content when you need to go in-depth. Recently, we teamed up with cybersecurity companies, Carbonite and Webroot, to tell the complex story of Ransomware.



Video is a powerful communication tool. Complex content like this – or product features and benefits, your brand’s mission and purpose – all these things take on new life when they land with your audience in a memorable or meaningful way. 


For the ransomware video, these cybersecurity companies wanted to educate small to medium-sized businesses, who are prone to thinking that ransomware is a risk only for larger organizations. 


It shows how sophisticated, well-organized groups of cyber criminals use research, social engineering and human psychology to know exactly when to strike and how much money to request so that companies will pay. Targeting smaller companies means that they can operate successfully without drawing much media attention.


All of this information, however, is best illustrated by the testimony of an IT manager who experienced an attack first hand. He shares, “That was the first time I’ve ever seen a ransom note.”. And he describes the sinking feeling that he had when he realized how bad it was.     


From social media to websites, videos are guaranteed to be more engaging than text alone. Bullet points and lists are often lost on the viewer, but wrap your message in a story? Now that is the currency of connection and action.  


This summer, we’re launching a series of new blog posts to explore topics like – how to improve video engagement, and how to effectively use humor, pop culture, or inspiration to bring your story to the screen. 


So, stay tuned in the weeks and months ahead as we bring you lots of new content and some of our latest videos to back it all up!


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