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The Mythical Beast

The Mythical Beast. That’s what Viasat’s competitors called the ViaSat-3 satellite during the years it was in development. 


“Mythical” because it had never been done before – they were diverging from previously known satellite technology. Everyone said that what they were trying to do was impossible.


And “Beast” because it was a huge endeavor. Viasat set out to create a satellite capable of delivering over 1 Terabit per second of throughput capacity, with dynamic flexibility to move and concentrate that capacity wherever it’s needed. Yes, even in the air or at sea.  


So, where’s the so-called Mythical Beast now? The ViaSat-3 satellite is successfully in orbit, after its SpaceX launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on April 30th, 2023. 


At One Floor Up, we were thrilled to partner with Viasat on the post-production of an employee video for the ViaSat-3 launch party. It was fascinating to learn about what went into this amazing feat behind-the-scenes. Check it out here:



The ViaSat-3 is the first in a series of satellites planned to provide a global communications network powering secure, affordable, fast connections for consumers, businesses, governments, and militaries. It will especially be a game-changer for remote and under-served communities around the world.


In addition to the inherent challenges of bringing the ViaSat-3 to fruition, there were unforeseen obstacles like a shortage of skilled workers and supply chain issues, both compounded by the pandemic. 


Even in the days leading up to the launch, there were aborted attempts due to things like severe weather – including a lightning strike to the launchpad tower! And on April 28th, SpaceX aborted a launch attempt at T-minus 59 seconds for reasons it did not disclose.


Turns out trailblazing is full of all kinds of twists and turns. But Viasat has a company culture that thrives on challenge and making the impossible possible. 


Collaboration with each new client allows our team at One Floor Up a glimpse into all kinds of new worlds… including outer space. It is what keeps this type of work so interesting!

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