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The Price of Video

Video is expensive. Period.

But despite its price, video is the most effective content marketing strategy available today. Companies and individuals alike are reeping the benefits of video and increasing their web presence drastically. For many would-be video users though, the first question they have is “Why is video so expensive?”

Time is money.

Videos take time and effort. Like any quality product, producing a video requires the right scene, the perfect illustration, and trained actors. All of these things take work and cost money. Hiring experienced actors can be costly, but training actors takes time. Either situation is going to add to the project budget, whether it be in monetarily or extending the project deadline.

Highend video requires quality components.

Investing in the top creative professionals, screenplay writers, illustrators, designers and voice over artists adds a ton of value to the overall video quality. If you want an impactful video, sinking a little more capital into key ingredients will have an outstanding effect on the finished product.

Likewise, using highend equipment to shoot your video will increase the impact of your video and contribute to your video’s success on the internet. Taking the time to find the right type of production equipment will repay you in views when you release your final cut. Whether it is software for animation or editing, or the type of camera you use to shoot, ensuring that your team is well-equipped throughtout your project will deliver a great result.

Continue to improve your video. 

Check on your project often throughout the production process and keep a record of your ideas for improvement. Videos are rarely ready for their audience after the first edit, so allow yourself time to go back and make the necessary changes. Reviewing your work is a vital part of your video’s potential sucess. Your video production team will need time to make your suggestions become reality so plan for this time in your project outline.

You don’t need to spend millions for quality videos, but investing in the right components can really pay off.

Are there any other things that you would add to your video budget? Let us know!

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