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Corporate Storytelling People Want to Hear

Corporate video has come a long way. Things started out pretty simple, just talk about yourself.  Generally brands spent most of their time on the ‘what’ – what you do, what’s your goal, what you sell, what services you offer, and what pain-points you solve. If there was any time left at end you might talk about how great you are.

Thankfully times have changed. Audiences are sophisticated and accustomed to being entertained. Gone are the days of larger than life personas, with cameras shooting upwards at skyscrapers, landscapes. The people in corporate video shouldn’t be anonymous, fast paced and busy. Instead, video should put the human element front and center. It’s not the what, but the who, why and how.

Focusing on people is the key to developing a successful corporate story. These stories can come in many forms. You can engage your audience by speaking to them, not at them, and connect with them on a human level, not a corporate level. All brands have people behind them. Finding a way to connect your audience to these people is the best way to create an emotional connection that lasts.

Here’s an example of a corporate video we produced that’s all about the people behind Scram Systems. Through this video we realize that the story of Scram Systems is the story of it’s employees.

What do you think matters most in corporate video production? Do you think portraying the human side is a more effective way to engage your audience?

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