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Award Winning Work

A lot of hard working creatives are behind every second of content we produce here at One Floor Up. And we produce A LOT of seconds of content. We’re still tallying up the final numbers, but so far we’ve counted over 300 individual videos, equaling 44 hours of content created in 2017. There are only 261 business days in a year, so that means our amazing team is cranking out at least one finalized project a day. Seven years ago we were three people working out of dark basement. Today I opened our project management dashboard to find 46 active projects for 17 clients. Needless to say, it’s been a wild ride.

When you’re working this hard, a little recognition goes a long way. And this week we’re proud to tell you about three projects that went the extra mile. We’re lucky enough to partner with some organizations creating change and making big contributions to the community. In 2017, three projects in particular were recognized with awards.

Central Asia Institute – Stand Together, Stand as One
Telly Awards Gold Winner – Activism

CAI Murals thumbnailCentral Asia Institute (CAI) believes that the path to lasting peace begins with education. For more than 20 years they’ve worked to promote education in those hard to reach areas of the world – places without roads, schools and sometimes without hope. For this project we brought together communities from across the globe. Watch as two all girls schools, one in Denver, CO and one in Kabul, Afghanistan create murals together to promote women’s education. This video, along with other assets for CAI’s 2017 fundraising campaigns raised $830,000 from over 6,000 donors.

Educause – Student of the Future
IAC Best Education Online Video

Education thumbnailEducause is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology. The association provides networking and other platforms for higher education IT professionals to generate and find content on best practices and to engage their peers. Educause approached One Floor Up to collaborate on the vision of what classrooms and the educational experience will be in the future. The video was played at a national conference, and the goal was to kick off a conversation about emerging technologies.

Thornton H2O – H2Overhaul Lawnfessionals
IAC Best Environmental Online Video

TW Video Art thumbnailWe created this educational video to help homeowners take the leap and transform their lawn into a waterwise landscape. It’s been amazing to work with a team so dedicated to water conservation and environmental responsibility. Though we’ve only been involved the last three years, the team at Thornton and Orange Circle have been at it for over ten – and they’ve seen major success. From 2005 to 2015 they reported a 27% decrease in water use in single family households.

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