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Why You Should Incorporate the Experiential Element into Your Marketing Strategy

You’ve undoubtedly heard the words being bandied about in the last couple of years. The idea many “in-touch” companies have heard about experiential marketing, sometimes called engagement-, event-, on-ground, live-, participation-, loyalty-, or special events- marketing. All these titles essentially mean the same thing. All these names point toward a type of advertising that:

  • Engages potential customers
  • Invites its audience to interact with your product by way of an IRL situation
  • Makes your message participatory

What Makes Experiential Marketing Exciting?

1. When an excellent ad in an outstanding magazine or online appears, those who view it may be impressed with the layout, the celebrities included in the graphics included on the page, and many will link that page in their brains to remember to give this product a try.  One of the most satisfying things about experiential ads is that approximately 49 percent of attendees create mobile video at experiential events.

2. If your business has a designated hashtag (which it should), over 70 percent of consumers are nudged toward exploring your content.

3. If businesses stay “on-brand” everything else about your audience’s experience can be spectacular. You are going to get attendees engaged when you add artists, musicians, interactive exhibits, samples and much more, particularly when you keep the fun connected to the region where you are holding the event.

4. Other activities that always pack a wallop are:

  • 3D experiences
  • Mobile apps as the primary event guide
  • Team building activities
  • Offsite venues (i.e., museums, art site, cultural venues, sports sites, zoos, and more)
  • Free samples

Why is Experiential Marketing So Effective?

Using respondents that included non-profits, B2B, and B2C businesses, a recent survey showed that 79 percent of those involved in the poll believed that events are important to their businesses.

From the same study came information that revealed that most companies used events to educate. The companies saw the second benefit was the benefit of lead generation, with receiving donations coming in third.

Events can take the shape of a social gathering, a class, or workshops. Further down the list of types of events that were effective marketing tools was using events to encourage networking.

How Video Production and Experiential Marketing Complement One Another

We live in the age of seeing and being seen. From performing mundane tasks to party-going, folks these days love to post on Facebook and Instagram. When your audience thinks your event is one worth sharing, that’s what they will do. Meanwhile, you are building your online visibility and not spending a dime on digital marketing. A recent, surprising statistic showed that 68 percent of consumers trust a business if they see something positive about it on the Internet.

If your foray into experiential marketing takes the form of a workshop, consider sharing it like a webinar, as well. A video of the activities, speakers, and participants can work toward getting a larger customer base and will pass the knowledge shared at the event with a much larger audience.

This same sort of activity is a tour of your facility. Customers can see how the product is made and learn more about your brand. A video of the tour will serve myriad marketing possibilities. The one-on-one feeling of touring your company will also be available to those who watch the video and both audiences will have experienced your brand in ways in which they may never have before.

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