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Videos at Events Make a Lasting Impression

Add a professional video to your event to leave a lasting impact. Many of us are naturally visual learners. We may be able to read and comprehend a book cover to cover. There are, however, many of us who prefer to see everything laid out and demonstrated. This can be a great way to learn a new skill rather quickly. We can see any number of how-to videos all over the internet. Video content is ever-growing in popularity and will continue to proliferate. Companies have utilized the power of video content to expand their branding. With social media, they are able to get their word out there and develop a large following. These videos can be a powerful tool for marketing.

When hosting a live event for your company, you want to make sure your guests are fully engaged and enthusiastic about your business. Many companies will go all out to make their guests feel special. Delicious food, fun games, and special appearances are just some of the great perks offered to guests. The last thing you want is for your attendees to grow bored and disinterested. One thing to consider adding to your live event is video content. Adding something pre-recorded to a “live” event may sound like an oxymoron, but it can be very helpful. It can make a lasting impact and stick in their minds after leaving the event.

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Videos can be a great way to get your message across in an easily digestible manner. Even the most compelling speaker can lose an audience. Some things are better shown than spoken about. A speaker can get up on stage, rattle off some statistics and instructions before calling it a day. This might leave some attendees in a confused state. With a video you can demonstrate how the process works and convince the audience to engage with you. Statistics seem to show how effective these videos can be.

Effective videos can long live past the end of the event. They are great promotional tools that can be spread quickly. They can be easily expanded and shared across multiple platforms. Up to 92% of mobile video users will likely share the video with others. The reach of the video will keep growing. The marketing effects will pay dividends for your business. These videos can be shared up to 1,200% more than text and image-based content. If you make video content a focal point of your live events, you are not only appealing to the audience but also those unable to attend. While at the event, encourage everyone to share the content on social media. Soon all of their friends and followers will see it and a good portion of them will share it as well. Before long, you may have a viral video on your hands. This will create buzz around your company. You can then direct that buzz into whatever you want. As interest grows, you may have even higher attendance at your next live event.

Shareable video content is frequently used in marketing. It has become so popular because it works. There can be a direct correlation with sales production. Aligning your marketing with your sales plan will lead to increased success. These videos can go a long way in building relationships with new clients. These clients may also want to attend future events. If, say, your video is about a new product or service your company is introducing. It is important to show it in a comprehensive, yet entertaining manner.

At your next live event, consider adding video content to it. Someone standing on stage delivering a monologue and rattling off statistics will not leave a memorable impression. A clever and thought-provoking video will be remembered by most and potentially shared online numerous times in the future. It’s a winning combination.


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