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Put On A Clean Shirt, Do Your Hair & Turn Your Webcam On

We are all navigating our new normal. Working from home and learning to be a preschool teacher at the same time has been challenging to say the least. I am making a point to have my “normal” routine as much as possible. I get up at 5:30 workout, get dressed and even put on shoes even though I’m not going anywhere. I teach preschool until 8:30 and then I get to work. We are all navigating our day-to-day with a future that is hard to picture. In my many FaceTime coffee meetings we are all wondering the same thing, “when will this end and what is next?” We can all take our best guess, but at the end of the day, no one knows.

I am finding it fascinating how many of my clients, current and former colleagues and friends are reaching out and socializing more now than before. Because we can’t connect in person right now, we are really seeing how valuable it is to be together virtually.

As you know, One Floor Up is a production company. For the most part our actual production days are paused for the moment. We are fortunate enough to have a very strong post-production team and creative staff that are still working through animated videos and concepts based on b-roll and footage we already have. We also have been offering live streaming services for the past decade to our corporate clients. We never thought much about prioritizing live streaming as a product offering, but now we are seeing its value more than ever. See our previously recorded Livestream about Livestreaming.

My ask is for you to not cancel your meetings. Bring your coffee to your video chats and keep connecting, keep networking and hold your annual conferences. Have your commencement ceremonies, your special guest speakers and continue to connect with your world through video chats and Livestreaming. Stay in but don’t hideout. Do your hair put on a clean shirt and turn your webcam on! We’ve got this.

I can’t wait to shake your hands and give you hugs again soon.

-Robyn Anderson



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