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Video Gives Human Resource Initiatives a Boost

In the HR department’s quest to attract and retain talent, video is essential.

Video is an integral part of our daily lives. We are entertained by TV, and informed by news clips. We connect through social media video posts. We engage with website videos to research household purchases, learn about new schools, find new homes or vacation destinations. 

Video tells the story, draws us in, helps us to feel something, and to learn, and perhaps even ask new questions as a result.

Why would our work lives be any different?    

One Floor Up crafts HR videos to:

  • RECRUIT and retain employees 
  • TRAIN new hires and existing team members
  • INSPIRE action based on company culture and mission
  • COMMUNICATE change to policy, rules or regulations
  • BUILD a sense of trust and community throughout the organization

The amount of effort it takes to create and maintain a smooth running business operation is significant. So, why not let video do some of the heavy lifting? 

Check out a few of One Floor Up’s recent examples here!

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