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Meet SketchUp Director: Scott Upshur

I really wanted to convey that ability to take the small seed of an idea and make it large, and make it real. – Scott Upshur, Independent Director  

One Floor Up has created a new product launch video for the premier 3D design software, SketchUp. It was a great pleasure to work with independent director Scott Upshur on the project, who has developed his craft in many areas of film production over the years.

As the project’s editor, I really appreciate Scott’s precise vision. His efforts to think through every transition, and block every shot, aligned our team from early pre-production, through some pretty elaborate shoot days, and a very involved post-production landscape. 

The result, in my opinion, is some of the most stunning footage we’ve ever worked with! 

An original score (composed by a New York music producer) creates the perfect aspirational tone and finishing touch. 

Recently, Scott shared his thoughts on SketchUp and directing:

I’ve had a little bit of experience with SketchUp through the years working in the art department for bigger movies and commercials [i.e. Our Souls at Night (2015), The Hateful Eight (2017)]. I’ve always liked [the SketchUp] software, and I like what it’s been able to do for smaller design projects. So, I really wanted to convey that ability to take the small seed of an idea and make it large, and make it real. That was the first emotional angle that I was headed for. 

And then, in the software – in most 3D software – there is this unique orbital effect where the camera moves in a way that kind of orbits around objects. We were trying to match that in our camera moves which was maybe the crux-iest part of the project. 

But just telling a story through their world, I think, was important. So that way we could cut in and out of the SketchUp interface as seamlessly as possible. Having that orbital effect was important so we had to get some special equipment and work out special logistics to get that effect.  


Scott on collaboration and the creative process:

The SketchUp piece was shot by Mike Anderson, and edited by Andrew Spain. Cody Hendrickson did the holograms and graphics, and Jon kept the ship afloat […]. It was certainly a team effort. 

A lot of it hinged on Andrew being able to manipulate what we shot and make it fit together, and Mike being flexible and making things work, despite some conditions not being optimal. 

Hopefully, those who watch it feel the energy and excitement of opening a SketchUp project for the first time, to see how powerful, and how creative you can get with it.  


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