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Things to Make your Virtual Event Engaging & shall we even say, fun!

Celebrity Video Notes

A Cameo message from an A, B, C or D level Celebrity or even animals!  – People will be amazed that you were about to get a personalized message from someone famous and these videos never fail to deliver some laughs.  See an example of Tuna here. 

Games and Game Shows!

Try out a game like Hollywood Squares! X’s and O’x not your thing?? Working with pros to help create your event can open a world of fun for your audience. 

Get a Professional Emcee 

Speakers carry any event and let’s face it, they are all looking for projects right now.  Bring on someone who’s got good face or good jokes and make a huge difference for the people watching.

Take some time to stretch with a Yogi! 

We are Zoooooomed out. So how about a brea

k during your event?  Bring in a yoga teacher or someone who can help break up the show with a burst of energy.

The Drive-In Event

Want to do something in-person? Go to the Drive-In.  Pre-record your show and have it playback on the big screen as well as live-streamed at the same time.  When people arrive have great gift bags with drinks, snacks, and fun stuff to enjoy before the show begins.


We all still like a Gift and some of us like a Drink!

Send out gifts to attendees?  Maybe have a whisky or wine tasting, send a candle or bag of treats.  Want to get fancy?? Work with a few local restaurants or caterers and have them prepare meals to be delivered or picked up. There is a really great company called Priority Wine Pass that has a very exciting virtual wine tasting experience, go check them out! 

A few other brain busters:

  • Wow, them with a Performance- Have performance artists like a dance group provide a “half time” show to give people.  They can give you a pre-recorded video, or do it live if you’re feeling risky.
  • Make breakout sessions long enough and stimulate them with good conversation.  The feedback is in and we miss each other.  Give your audience personal and interesting questions and then allow people to really get to talk for a while.
  • Have a contest where people text in photos of something and share with everyone the winner.  Messiest desk? Weirdest condiment? 

As you can tell, we are full of ideas over here. We have been producing virtual events long before the global pandemic, but since COVID-19 we have been sharpening our virtual event toolset and learning some really great stuff. Contact us for your next virtual event or give us a call to talk through ideas.

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