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Please Don’t Make Me Watch Your Video

I recently saw a statistic that 80% of website content will be in the form of video content. While this statistic is great for business here at One Floor Up, it’s also nerve-wracking as a content consumer. 

Does this mean I will have to watch more whiteboard videos, and more self-made videos with no audio because “oops didn’t turn it on” or you filmed in the wind? I would much rather read an article to learn something than to watch a video that wasn’t made well or thought through. 

At One Floor Up we know that professional video content is a component to a content creation strategy. Depending on the size and structure of your organization, your video content strategy will likely include some self-produced videos as well as some professionally produced videos. We pride ourselves on being your in-house video production partner, so let us help you with the videos you might be shooting yourself – let us know what you’re doing and we’ll give you a few tips! Better yet, let’s talk through your entire video strategy – we can help you identify which content is best served by what.


Tip #1: Know your Content

It’s an exciting thing to know you are going to create a video and while you may want to dive right in, it’s very important to know what you will talk about once you hit record. If you are doing a livestream you don’t want to be caught saying “ummm” or stumbling through topics. Make yourself a script or at least give yourself some talking points. 

Once you know what you are going to say, practice your delivery. You may think that you are an expert on the topic, but talking alone in a room is different than having a conversation with someone. It’s important to practice how you will present. Simple tips to keep in mind to know your own content: 

  • Write a script/ have bullet points 

    Practice your script!
  • Look at the camera
  • Be personable while you talk- If you can smile or laugh do it! 
  • Slow down… People talk incredibly fast when the camera is on. Take a deep breath and remember to slow down your delivery. 
  • Get to the point. While people love seeing your face, they also have work to do, so get to the point. 


Tip #2 The Production 

Again, there is a time and a place for self-produced content. Self-produced videos can show a personable and vulnerable side which is great to strike up connections with your employees. If you are doing a video about your brand or product or customers it’s important to work with One Floor Up to create a polished video. 

These days the latest versions of smartphones work great for your camera. No need to go invest in a handheld. The iPhone comes with a variety of video editing tools as well such as iMovie. 

Just having a smartphone is not enough, it’s about how you use it. Here are some tips to make a video you can be proud of: 

  • Set up your phone horizontally.
  • Get a tripod and perfect your angle. I’ve seen so many videos recorded at an angle where you are looking up someone’s nose. Spend $15 on a tripod at office max and set up your shot. 
  • Turn off notifications on your phone. You don’t want any embarrassing mishaps if you are live. 
  • Don’t record yourself in the dark. I know… this seems like common sense but I’ve seen so many videos where people have shadows on their face from a light shining down on them. Open a window and sit in front of it.

    This guy is camera-ready in front of his window. He’s practicing his script on his puppy.
  • If you are outside, think about your audio. A patio or yard can be a great backdrop for your video, however, make sure you have taken your natural surroundings into account for audio. Wind, birds chirping or kids yelling down the street will distract your audience from your message. 
  •  Think about your set. Make sure your message aligns with your space. If you are delivering a serious message make sure your backdrop isn’t too happy and fluffy. Make sure your space isn’t distracting and is tidied up. 


Tip #3 The Edit 


A lot of people are afraid of editing software, honestly, they should be! If you can nail your message in one shot, do it. If you need to edit something there are a lot of tools you can use. iMovie on your iPhone works great. Vimeo also has a partner page with a few editing tools and websites that are user-friendly and for the common folk. 


You might be wondering why a full-service video production company teaching you how to make your own videos. It’s because we want our clients to create a reputable brand and be proud of the videos they put out.  Our name “One Floor Up” comes from the idea that we want to be your in-house video team. We are just a phone call away, down the hall, or One Floor Up. We really want to help you make great video content whether it’s produced by your team or ours. 


Cheers to not making shitty videos in 2020! 


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