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OFU’s Favorite Super Bowl XXII Commercials

Being in the video production world, our team at One Floor Up always likes to stay on top of the latest in the industry. Of course, the Super Bowl, AKA the biggest night of commercials of the year, is a great place to get some inspiration. Here is some of our team’s favorite commercials from Super Bowl XXII:


Jon Flacke


My favorite was the Doritos commercial with the sloth. Cause – sloths are awesome. And come on, how cool was that 3D animation?! 🙂



Anabelle Porio


First of all, I love any story with Zendaya at the center. Second of all, it uses an infamous tongue twister, which is always a blast. I love that the commercial showed a clear success story and why the demand to use Squarespace can make such a huge difference. And let’s not forget Andre 3000’s perfect and absolutely necessary cameo. 



Dawn Rodrigez

The New Frontier

As an Austinite, it was pretty much a given (we love ourselves some Matthew). However, I appreciated the semi-gentle jab at current events and the soft reminder to all on what’s important. Way to go, SalesForce! 



Cody Hendrickson

FTX Crypto

I’m a big fan of all things Larry David, and this commercial cracked me up. It felt like 2 and a half minutes of Curb Your Enthusiasm right in the middle of the Super Bowl! Count me in on FTX crypto. 



Alex Yorchak

BMW USA – Zues

Two words. Miniature Pegasus. BMW’s electric car commercial was at the top of my list. I mean come on, how can that not be everyone’s answer? This ad checked a lot of boxes for me; an A-list cast, light-hearted humor, and the best use of CG I’ve seen since the dragons in Game of Thrones. In just 5 seconds of airtime, Peggy the mini pegasus definitely stole the show.



Daniel Witt

Uber Don’t Eats

It was the only one that genuinely made me laugh. The other ads relied too heavily on star power to sell their messages, but the visual gags of people eating non-foods, regardless of who they were, made it memorable and hilarious to me.



Nick Minor

Michelob ULTRA – Welcome to Superior Bowl

Because of the gender equality Michelob Ultra included when choosing the sports stars for this commercial.Great to see just as many female athletes as male athletes chosen for this ad. The diversity in of athletes in this commercial shows that the brand doesn’t just talk the talk, but also, walk the walk. 



Andrew Spain

Uber Don’t Eats

As much as I got a good chuckle from Snoop and Martha Stewart and their antics pushing lighters, I had to give Uber Eats my vote.  Clever concept – simple and catchy tagline that tells it all – Uber Don’t Eats. And the execution was hilarious, a variety of reactions to eating inedible objects.  Simply Brilliant!



Robyn Anderson

Mind Reader by Amazon

Why was it your favorite of 2022?

First, I love that Scar Jo and Colin Jost are a thing. Second, everyone already knows Alexa reads your mind. Instead of having embarrassing real life moments, we get embarrassing paid ads all day. 



What was your favorite? Be sure to keep up with One Floor Up in 2022!

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