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Heather: It’s Not Good-Bye, It’s See You Later

To write this post, I decided to look back at the very first blog I ever wrote for One Floor Up – it was the one where I introduced myself as OFU’s newest member and eagerly divulged what I already loved about the company. It was exciting to join a small, tight knit production company filled with passionate and talented people. Little did I know just what the next 4 years would bring. Not only did I have the pleasure of getting to know each and every one of those passionate, talented people, I got to collaborate with them on hundreds of amazing projects spanning dozens of clients – from animation, to stop motion, to scripted content and documentary series. In addition, I was part of OFU’s growth where we gained new faces and clients and grew, quite literally, beyond the walls of our tiny Welton St. office, so we got a sweet upgrade. I watched coworkers come and go. I became a Senior Producer and took on more responsibility with our clients and their projects. And OFU survived and thrived during the pandemic, adopting new work styles and techniques to remain a reliable video vendor. We’ve been through a lot as a small, but mighty production shop and I’ve certainly enjoyed the ride.

Working for myself has been a long time dream. I’m pretty sure if you look back at one of my old year books, you’ll see my life goal was, “to someday own my own company.” Now is the right time for me to take this leap and see where I land. I look forward to staying connected with One Floor Up and the clients I’ve come to know and admire, but I also look forward to exploring new challenges and areas of interest.

To my clients, it’s been an honor to work with all of you and help bring your visions to life. Together, we collaborated and pushed one another beyond limits to tell your stories. Each project was a rewarding experience and I thank you for trusting me and my team to create informative and impactful content. And to the One Floor Up team, our vendors, and audiences, I am grateful for the partnerships and opportunities we’ve had over these last 4 years.

It’s not good-bye, it’s see you later! To stay in touch.

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