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Meet Anabelle

Hi there!


My name is Anabelle and I’m the new Associate Producer at One Floor Up in Denver. This past year has been completely wild — full of personal growth, big change, and many new experiences. Although it hasn’t been the easiest ride, I couldn’t be happier with where I’ve ended up.


I moved to Denver very recently from Boston. I had lived in Boston all throughout college and afterward. It was at school that I discovered my passion for film production. I worked as a PA on a small student project my freshman year and from there I got to work on so many projects from short films, media series, and even long-form documentaries. I enjoyed the producing side of media making the most because it was one of the only roles where you can see a piece of media’s whole journey from just a small idea to the polished final product. Plus, I’m an organization freak so everyone wanted me to keep their production binder in order! I continued after school working as an intern at a local production company as well as working as a media coordinator for some non-profits. 


However when the pandemic struck at the beginning of 2020, I ended up losing my job at the time, and all of my immediate plans for my future had to change very abruptly. I knew I wanted a change of scenery, so I started looking for work all over the country for work. I ended up setting my path towards Denver even though I hadn’t locked anything down yet. Being in quarantine in a tiny apartment in a big city definitely had me itching to move somewhere where I can easily access the outdoors — and Denver was, of course, the obvious choice.


I moved here not knowing almost anyone — even my soon-to-be roommates I had only met over Facebook. In the past, I’d always tried to make decisions practically, but this was one of the first times I’d made this big of a change solely based on feeling — which was definitely daunting. Despite the risk I was taking, I knew something spiritually was telling me this was the right move for me. So, I trusted my gut, packed my car, and drove out here at the beginning of October. 


I was so thrilled when I was hired by One Floor Up at the beginning of December. I was not only grateful to find a position in my field in the midst of one of the worst job markets in our history, but my role as Associate Producer at One Floor Up is turning out to be a perfect fit. Although I haven’t had the chance to meet a lot of the team in person yet, even just meeting them over Zoom for coffee in the morning has been such a pleasure. Working under producers Jon and Heather has been very rewarding. They are teaching me a great deal about the company as well as offering me the opportunity to grow as a producer. I can already tell that 2021 will be an exciting, abundant year for One Floor Up — and I’m psyched to be a part of the team. 


Hopefully, in the near future, there can be a ‘new normal’ of a world in which I can collaborate with all of these incredible people in person, work hands-on on as many projects as possible, and have the chance to explore even more of what Colorado has to offer. 


Everyone continue staying safe, always trust your gut, and do more of what makes you happy in the new year!



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