fbpx "In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic and global recession, I got a job working with people I love." - One Floor Up

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“In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic and global recession, I got a job working with people I love.”

Hey everybody-

My name is Cody and I’m a 2D and 3D motion graphics designer here in Denver. I moved here back in October for the mountains, the music, and of course- the motion graphics. While a lot of people might not list Denver as a top city known for its creative workforce, I came here in hopes of finding like-minded people to work, create, and develop relationships with. 

I dove headfirst into Colorado, moving here with only what could fit into my compact sedan. I arrived to a lavish living situation set up for myself- a month-long stay on an air mattress, in a basement AirBNB with a peculiar smell in sunny Northglenn.

Upon arrival, I got to work networking, animating, and working odd jobs. I found my best connections were made through mild bribes- often in the form of baked goods. So I began mass-producing chocolate chip cookies and delivering them in boxes I branded as ‘Mograph Munchies.’ 

That’s where my story intersects with One Floor Up. I first brought a box of my deal-sweetening cookies to OFU back in December, where I met Robyn- who warned me her team was away on a shoot, and if I left the cookies with her they might not be shared. On my second trip to the studio, I met Rachel, Andrew, Daniel, and Alex, hard at work but friendly enough to talk to their neighborhood cookie-wielding freelancer. 

CodyA few weeks later, I was called in to help out on some extra projects. I was only supposed to be in the studio for a few days, but my contract was extended for 8 weeks. I was sad to leave when my tenure was over, but in early April they asked me to be a permanent part of their team. 

And that’s where I get to the kicker- In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic and a parallel recession, I got a job working with people I love. Now each week I get the opportunity to work alongside wildly talented animators and editors under the direction of the best producers and business managers a designer could ask for, on an exciting variety of projects. Coupled with the talent and optimism and unyielding perseverance of this group of people, I get to work with individuals I genuinely enjoy spending time with. I don’t know how I can get much luckier than that. 

So here’s to hoping the world returns to normal (with a touch of extraordinary). Here’s to good coworkers keeping us sane. Here’s to challenging projects keeping us sharp. And here’s to chocolate chip cookies. 

Hope to see you all out there.


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