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Dawn Rodriguez
A Recipe for Dawn! Meet our Newest Team Member

Meet Dawn Rodriguez business development guru and a self proclaimed Passionate Eater & Social Solutionist.

Ready in 20 minutes

Serves small to large groups

Does not count calories 


To keep Dawn happy, keep her outdoors in nice weather and be in active think-tank mode. Pairs well with a nice glass of red wine.


  • Innate desire to connect others
  • Hungry at all times
  • Avid believer in the win-win concept
  • Never not eating tacos


  1. Preheat to 75° and tropical. Speaking of degrees… Dawn is a professional student and is working on her 3rd degree. Bachelors from University of Houston in Integrated Communications, Masters in Public Administration and a pending Associates because why not?
  2. A little bit of this, and a little bit of that Professional background in the marketing and account management space with a pinch of passion, a heaping scoop of nonprofit management and a dash of education, arts and ocean conservation. 
  3. Excited about business development and exploring people’s personal growth and dreams
  4. Wants to hear your story… and does it professionally. Naturally curious about what people need to better their lives. Always looking for the best solution. 
  5. Driver of mom car, usually with her baby girl in said vehicle. Still plays cool music and usually has both dogs in tow. Loves her yard hens – eats eggs, not chickens. 
  6. Eager to learn what is needed to make everyone a winner in all situations. 
  7. Over communicator, world explorer & natural people-connector. 

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