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Video Production for Automation & Robotics

Construction is a 10-trillion-dollar global industry that, in recent years, has had a hard time finding skilled workers. 

Recently, we collaborated with Trimble, a company (with a long track record in the construction, agriculture and auto industries) that is developing automation solutions. 

Repetitive tasks such as data collection on construction sites, and a wide spectrum of autonomous machines that work alongside other machines, assets and people, are just some of the ways that Trimble is powerfully connecting the digital and physical worlds. 

As steering and other tasks become more automated, construction projects benefit from greater efficiency and safety, while operators transition to different roles, primarily managing equipment – and even fleets – remotely.

Check out their fully autonomous vision here:



The Virtual Design Construction Team at Hensel Phelps is using robotic technology to document job site progress. That’s right – meet Spot! 

This Wi-Fi enabled construction robot – created by Boston Dynamics and fully integrated using Trimble technology solutions – uses an X7 laser scanner to independently capture data and photos at predetermined waypoints, then intuitively navigates back to its on site docking station to charge and upload data. 

Rather than waiting two days for data collection to reach project staff, Spot enables instant data sharing, and allows for important decisions to be made in the field. 

One Floor Up is proud to feature the innovative work of these three companies:

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