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Getting to know One Floor Up, ep. 2 : Ryan Craig

Continuing our series on getting to know us here at OFU, this week we’ve asked the same questions to someone from our Front of the House crew, Ryan Craig. Ryan is our Creative Director and he is, among many things, a quick-witted creative who is the mastermind behind some of our best work. He is also more-than-occasionally foul mouthed, Texan born and bred, has a bad back and the most amazing laugh. Ryan keep things interesting around the office and is (almost) always great source of humor and creative ideas. The video below even showcases his incredible acting skills, be sure to check it out.

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All of that said, take it away Ryan Craig!

  • If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?  Get jacked like The Rock
  • What hobby would you get into if time and money weren’t an issue? Drumming for the Foo Fighters
  • What fictional place would you most like to go? The Matrix or Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment
  • What job would you be terrible at?  Anything with cubicles or a lot of meetings
  • When was the last time you climbed a tree?   3 days ago
  • What is something you think everyone should do at least once in their lives?  Slap a politician
  • What is the most annoying habit that other people have?  Smacking their food
  • What skill would you like to master?  Surgery
  • What could you give a 40-minute presentation on with no preparation?  Music or Aquatic Porcelain Engineering (dishwasher)
  • What are you interested in that most people haven’t heard of?  I enjoy documenting the clever phrases written on public restroom walls from around the country

Wow Ryan, we just learned A LOT about you and there are things that now make more sense…

Stay tuned to our blog next Friday for the next episode. Who will it be next??

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