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Using Inspiration in Video

Today, we’re talking about inspiration. How a little spark of heart-felt energy can bring your subject matter to life. Inspiration works well when you want to focus on lofty ideas, like a mission statement, or a social cause that is at the center of your non-profit work.

Here’s a video that we produced for Laird Superfoods about the sense of purpose and passion that fuels this unique brand of creamers.

Laird Superfoods: Big Wave Mentality

Here’s another One Floor Up production. It uses a poetic voice-over in its inspirational approach. This example comes from our client work for Trimble, a tech company that enables connectivity throughout construction and agricultural industries – proof that this approach is versatile indeed.

Trimble: Life’s Work


A beautiful sunset, a song that brings back a special memory, both beauty and art have the ability to make us pause in the busy-ness of life and simply ENJOY. Using inspiration in video production ties your brand, your cause, to that feeling of simplicity and awe. It’s that sense that everything is right with the world.

Slow motion effects, aerial cinematography, and nature imagery are all tools that help accomplish this. They literally slow down time. They give us a soaring, elevated view of daily life. And make us feel connected to the earth, to all things around us.

Consider this explanation from John O’Donohue’s book, Beauty, The Invisible Embrace, which offers some insight into why nature (and also slowing things down) can feel so inspiring.

“In contrast to our frenetic, saturated lives, the earth offers a calming stillness. Movement and growth in nature takes its time. The patience of nature enjoys the ease of trust and hope. There is something in our clay nature that needs to continually experience the ancient, outer ease of the world. It helps us remember who we are and why we are here.”


In both videos, inspiration takes a front seat, but let’s be clear – we’re, by no means, simply out for a joy ride. These are not “fluff” pieces. Despite the inspirational vehicle, there are messages being driven home in subtle, yet powerful, ways. Things may not be overtly said, but they are no doubt working their way into the viewer’s easeful state-of-mind.

For starters, in the Laird video, viewers take away that these specialty creamers are a great fit for people who are passionate about enjoying life and taking good care of their health. The audience for the Trimble video will likely view this company as a purpose-driven organization, and by extension, a wonderful place to work if that aligns with their own goals.

From selling to recruiting, using inspiration in your video is a great way to build relationships and gain trust. It’s like a refreshing dose of authenticity amongst the chaos of modern marketing.
Getting people to “opt in” to your cause, your brand, or your mission, can be a real challenge. So, let’s reach them with inspiration.

Not sure what this approach looks like regarding your particular content? Or, perhaps you’re also curious about using humor or pop culture in your next video?

As your creative partner, let’s talk about your upcoming projects and goals, and brainstorm the best strategy to get you there. We want to create video content that you love!

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