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4 Ways Corporations Can Use Video in Social Media to Reach An Already Leaned-In Audience

So you’ve been working hard on your content plan and finally nailed down a content calendar that will guarantee fresh content for your audience. Now where do you put it all? Newsletters, emails, websites, interwebs, advertisements and PR opportunities are all great places to send content but have you thought much about social media? Today Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram are capturing your audience with video. Twitter says that their audience is +31% more likely to remember what they see versus general online browsing. Other social media channels boast similar statistics. Here are a few ideas on how you can use social media to reach your audience:

  1. VPN Gym stillCreate short impactful videos- People follow companies and hashtags on social media because they are genuinely interested in the message, person or product.For social media feeds you need to create a short attention grabbing video that leaves people thinking “whoa- what is that? “I want to learn more.” The last thing you want to do is upload a long talking head interview video, or a how to explainer video. One floor up created 3 of these fun and eye catching videos for Webroot. Click here to see one of our favorites!
  2. Use Live Streaming and Virtual Attendance features for events- We all know how much time and effort goes into planning our corporate events. Unfortunately there is always a handful of people that can’t make it there. One Floor Up has worked with clients to set up cameras that capture the event live from many angles throughout the day. We can set up a live feed that can be posted to your social media accounts as well as its own private URL where your colleagues can watch the event from home. Interview attendees and speakers throughout the day to give the viewer unique content that makes them feel involved. Many companies and associations are now charging for virtual events. You can attend an event from the comfort of your own home- choose the tracks that you want to see and participate in as if you were there. Show snippets of your speakers on social media throughout the day to increase attendance.
  3. Better Connect with your Audience with a Familiar Face and Interactive Features- Create a video with a familiar face. You don’t need professional talent for social media videos. Use well liked executive, or the cooky guy that everyone likes and knows from the coffee room on the 8th floor. When you bring in a familiar face to execute your message people are more inclined to listen and engage. Google analytics will show engagement scores for videos across various platforms. Facebook live has its own analytics features to show you engagement scores. It also allows you to ask your viewers questions and take polls during and or after they watch your video.
  4. Behind the scenes and Unique Content- Social Media is the perfect place to get creative with your content. In all other areas you have follow rules and professionalism. On social media you want to create a video that grabs the attention of your audience without pushing your agenda. Create “behind the scenes” type videos to pushout to your social media viewers to make them feel like they are seeing something special, something for them only. A timelapse of the setup of a big event, a few outtakes from executive interviews, funny answers from interviews etc… Get them hooked with something they can relate to and then post your video about your new software, safety training or new hire announcement somewhere else!

Okay, do you feel ready to create some video for your social media marketing plan? Before you go- here are a few tips:

  1. Don’t plan on audio. Most people watch videos without the sound
  2. Try to get your message across within six seconds- this will get the viewer to be more likely to watch the video in its entirety
  3. Put a person in the first three seconds- increases emotional response and the viewer is more likely to watch
  4. Add some text to get your message across
  5. Call One Floor Up to do it for you so it’s professional, engaging and fun

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