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Don’t Fall Asleep… – The On-Site Editor

Connect thumbnailOne Floor Up loves producing content for events, from events, and during events. We’ve got this cool little thing we do called an on-site edit. These on-site edits happen during your event (usually for conferences lasting several days). As your event plays out perfectly (see our advice on how to achieve this), our camera crew captures the beautiful moments that occur in your little slice of the world. This camera crew then delivers the footage to a little hidden room on the premises where an editor is actively building a thrilling edit to play with the last presentation of your event. The on-site editor builds an exciting narrative of the experience, from the heartfelt to the hilarious and everything in-between. These recap videos show the special feel of your event, where people can see themselves laughing and having a great time, and leave with fond memories and a desire to return next year. Here’s one we did for aviation giant Jeppesen

flycon thumbnailAs on-site editor, my role shifts a bit from the normal in-the-office type of edit work. The on-site editor builds the story in the moment, trusting their instincts and their keyboard shortcuts to make the fast approaching deadline. There isn’t a lot of time to try different combos. I gotta know what’s good and then execute, and then move on to the next sequence. Producers have to trust their editor to tell the story that needs telling, in an engaging and entertaining way. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for an editor to be directing camera teams, telling them what needs to get in the can and to the editing suite ASAP! And after everyone shuts down the cameras and heads to bed, the editor is last-person-standing, oftentimes working through the night to deliver a gripping program for event audiences to enjoy. I think my record is 40ish hours without sleep or something like that (it got a little blurry toward the end). But I wouldn’t take it back. It’s a rite of passage that I’m proud to say I’ve successfully survived. Here’s another cool wrap video we did for Event Bright for their annual Flycon event. This one was so fun!

When gathering content, it’s important to capture candid interviews with people experiencing the event in person. These Man-On-The-Street interviews show the action from the active participant’s point of view. As a general rule of thumb, these should be kept short and simple. I’m only gonna need one good bite from this person, so get it and get on. One Floor Up also combines these informal reaction interviews with more in-depth interviews that go into more detail, in a controlled setting. These interviews give some meat to our recap, as well as generating content for supplementary material after the event has ended to keep the audience engaged. One thing to keep in mind here is managing the volume of these interviews. There’s a quickly ticking clock, and as the on-site editor, I only have so much time to view footage. Stay focused on the message and help the editor succeed.

A few tips for the on-site editor: bring plenty of snacks, trust your gut and keep the energy high in the edit!

If you have event you want an awesome wrap video created, here are a few tips: be very clear with your intent with the end-product video, provide your video team with an accurate schedule of events and must-haves, and come up with a list of people you know will be energetic and positive on camera! These people really hammer home the vibe of your event.

I’ve done a good number of these events in my time with One Floor Up, as both shooter and editor, and they are a ton of fun. It’s a whirlwind of activity, fun people, intriguing moments and good feels. I won’t lie, it kicks your butt. There’s not a lot of sleep happening, and by showtime for our recap we’re ready for cold ones. It’s definitely a bonding experience for the crew, and I like to think a special service for our clients. Let me cut your recap, I’m trying to beat my record of hours without sleep!

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