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Studio Pulse 03.22.18

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Crocs. Comfortable? Yes. Colorful? Yes. Sexy and techy? Not until now.

When One Floor Up sat down for the first meeting with the fine folks at Crocs, we weren’t sure what to expect. But I can tell you this, we were not disappointed. Their latest line of footwear, and what we were tasked with helping to launch, is called LiteRide. It’s an athleisure line that is a big departure from the usual Crocs style. It’s sleek, it’s athletic, it’s sexy, but it’s still comfortable. And most importantly, it’s still Crocs.

What makes LiteRide different from other Crocs products is the “footbed technology” which is lighter and softer than the original, and in their words, “100% Amazing.” So the challenge was: make a shoe from a brand that most people don’t associate with high fashion, sexy and techy. Nothing to it!

Crocs had given us an initial idea for the spot which had legs, so we took it, enhanced it and brought it to life. But as with all things here at One Floor Up, making it good wasn’t good enough. We wanted to make it great. And how did we do that? Simple. We shot as much of the real shoe as possible, relying minimally on CGI, so our audience could see first-hand just how beautiful this shoe is. No smoke and mirrors, no BS, just pure, real, LiteRide goodness.  

We took 2 full days over at Manmade Studios with our good friend Marcin and shot hours upon hours of footage, grabbing as many angles, set-ups, moves and lighting schemes as we could. We brought all of that footage home to cut together a teaser, a :30 spot for digital release and a week-long run in Times Square. 

Feedback to the spots and the shoes has been incredible, and we couldn’t be prouder of the work we’ve done. Now we’re off to craft up some more visual magic with our Crocs family  that garner comments like this from Crocs’ Instagram fan @marleedw, “MY ARM HAIRS HAVE ROSEN.” Click here to check out our case study on this project.

Product Case Study from One Floor Up on Vimeo.

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