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Live Event Collaboration- Telluride AIDS Benefit (TAB)

For 25 years, Telluride Aids Benefit (TAB) has been bringing people from every corner of the map together, in the gorgeous mountains of Telluride, CO to celebrate, contemplate, and raise money for AIDS research.

For the second year, One Floor Up has had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with and support the TAB. This year’s Anniversary Benefit Fashion Show was a party beyond parties. The excited buzz in the air before the event began was tantalizing. The folks that have been before and knew that they were in for an experience like no other. Those attending for their first time would no doubt leave galvanized and ready for the next year’s show. It’s that kind of show, one that inspires guests to return year after year. 

The main event of TAB is a fashion show, but it’s beyond what anyone would normally expect from a fashion show. There are dancers, a storyline and music to bring the whole thing together into a captivating end product closer to a play. Five large LED screens made up most of the backdrop of the stage this year. And that’s where One Floor Up comes in. Our team of 5 motion designers collaborated with director, Shawn Rozsa and choreographer, Jessica Galbo to produce a live backdrop for the show.  Our goal was to create a video that appeared to interact with all of the live dancers as they moved to the music for an amazing, immersive result. Together we created a visually stunning and seemingly interactive experience.

One of the major challenges of the project was syncing the graphics to the models.  We started by tracking footage of the model’s dance routines. Then we began the process of designing backgrounds that matched and enhanced their motions. We already knew, from working the previous year’s show, that the graphics had to be a little forgiving with timing. Model’s would only have a few days with the finished visuals we created and the LED screen to practice their choreography. The aerial dancers added to the show this year worked particularly well with the on screen graphics.

Unlike interviews, case studies or even a live shoot, this type of experiential video gives One Floor Up a unique opportunity to help facilitate a completely live experience. In doing so, we showcase our in-house talent in a totally different way. Our team uses the medium of video to create something that you have to be in the moment to experience and completely absorb. BONUS – we have a whole lot of fun doing it. We hope to be a part of this annual project for years to come!


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