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Bring Your Brand To Life With Live Action Videos Made To Convert

Live action video production is our bread and butter at One Floor Up in Dallas. We strive to capture who and what makes up your brand with genuine storytelling to maximize your visibility with your customers.

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We’ve been producing high-quality live action videos in Dallas, Denver, and many other locations since 2011. Our production team is focused on three key elements: informative content, valuable information, and visual perfection. You can see some of the projects we’ve completed in the past for brands and organizations just like yours.

Visualize Your Marketing With Video: Live Action Is The Future

In a world of constant stimuli, everywhere you look, generic, static content just doesn’t cut it. Incorporating video into your marketing strategy unearths extensive growth opportunities for your brand. Marketing with live action video production can help you stand out from the crowd, so let us tell you how.

See, Trust, Buy

The explosion of video content has soared in the last decade, to the point that more than one platform exists exclusively for video. If you’re not incorporating product marketing videos into your outreach strategy, you can guarantee that you’re losing customers to your competitors who are. Buyers of the digital generation are more likely to purchase a product online after they’ve seen a video about it. Not only is video visually stimulating, so you’re more likely to capture the attention of your future buyer in the noisy space that is the internet, but you’re also better able to develop a trusting relationship and draw them through the sales funnel more quickly.

Put A Personality On Your Brand

Using live action video for promoting your brand gives you the opportunity to humanize your organization. Leveraging your own people with behind the scenes footage is a great way to engage your audience with the level of transparency and authenticity that today’s consumers demand. On the other hand, you can take advantage of your existing customer base to facilitate a bond with future buyers, helping them identify and connect with those who already know and love your brand.

Using Visuals To Tell Your Story

Live action videos for product marketing is the perfect way to tell the story of your brand and values to your customers in a meaningful and impactful way. At One Floor Up, our Dallas videographers start every project by working with you to craft your story in a way that will resonate with people. Using a compelling story as the basis of every live action video project, we then layer in expertly produced techniques for the professional, cinematic look that perfectly captures your brand identity. Our 4K HD quality means that you can tell the story of your brand  on any device or platform without compromising the visuals.

Get To Know the One Floor Up Team

Our Dallas videography team is made up of scriptwriters, producers, directors, editors, casting directors, colorists, VFX artists, location scouts, and hair and makeup artists. From the inception of any live action video project, you’ll find the support and expertise you need to create a beautiful project that serves to support your business and marketing goals. Moreover, by combining all of this expertise into a single operation, our clients save time, money, and stress because you don’t have to worry about sourcing and hiring creatives from multiple agencies. Live action video production in Dallas is made easy with One Floor Up.

The History of Our Expertise

One Floor Up has served organizations from a wide variety of industries, giving us the opportunity to build expertise in captivating and converting customers with all types of motivations and needs. We’ve worked with clientele in aviation, IT, energy, construction, government, healthcare and wellness, technology, public relations, education, environment, and so much more. Businesses of all sizes can take advantage of a perfectly finished live action video in our Dallas studio that aligns with your vision.

The Process of Video Production

Collaboration and transparency is the name of the game at One Floor Up. We love a challenge and strive to exceed expectations, despite the budget or timeline constraints. As your full-service media partner, you can rely on us to manage and execute on every step of the process. Starting with the idea and supporting script, then creating a storyboard to guide the remainder of the project, including casting and location scouting. With all that completed, we’ll then perform all of the filming and editing necessary for a comprehensive brand video.

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Selling Your Story With Effective Marketing Videos

With the right story, you can facilitate a bond with your customers in a way no other marketing medium allows. While live action marketing videos do require more resources than some of the other options for sharing your brand’s story, it also offers more potential. You simply cannot create the same kinds of connections with customers through written content or social media posts. Live action marketing videos help you cut through the clutter of the digital environment to gain customers and increase your ROI.

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Our producers and support staff handle all the logistics so our creative team can focus on producing great content.

One Floor up provides video production services for TV commercials, documentaries, corporate videos, brand videos, promo videos, viral videos, web commercials, pitch videos, and concert visuals.

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Motion graphics, 3D animation, scriptwriting, concept development, camera crews, video editing, and producers.

Our world-class production team is drawn from the fields of television, creative advertising, documentaries, corporate videos, music videos, and viral videos.

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