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The Power of A Non-profit Marketing Video

Non-profit organizations are uniquely situated in the business and philanthropic world. There are many things to love about these organizations, and people certainly enjoy the personal and societal satisfaction of donating to support them. But with so many non-profits out there, it can be difficult to grab the attention of donors and people in general. This is where a non-profit marketing video comes into play.

Utilizing intricate video storytelling techniques is one of the best ways to produce and showcase an effective non-profit marketing strategy. A successful non-profit video will provide prospective donors and general viewers with a direct sense of what the organization does, why they do it, and how donors and volunteers can help. Such a video is more than just a mission statement. It’s a message, a clear call to action to anyone and everyone who watches the video. It gives people a unique watching experience.

Video production services are essential to producing and achieving such an experience. Non-profits need donors. They need employees. They need volunteers. And they need people to know about the work they are doing. An effective non-profit marketing video will reach all of these people, keeping viewers enthralled and interested the whole time.

People love to get involved with non-profits, whether the organization is helping feed homeless populations or funding research studies. And these individuals want to know that the non-profit they are getting involved with is reputable and making progress toward its objectives. A non-profit marketing video will give them a call to action, a mission to support.

Non-profits are best showcased by videos — showing volunteers in action, employees enjoying their work, all brought to the viewer in a concise and informative video. Non-profits of all kinds produce such video content — visual media that engages viewers, utilizing formats in new ways, on different platforms.

Creating a unique non-profit video is essential for any non-profit. The problem is it is incredibly hard, if not impossible, to create the kind of marketing video that people want to see without having the necessary equipment and staff to pull it off. It’s also easy to get stuck in the past, using old visual mediums. That’s why hiring a proven video production services company is worthwhile.

Believe it or not, the non-profit sector is full of marketing videos, just like every other industry. The goal is to make yours unique. Through these non-profit videos, people get acquainted with the mission and goals of the organization — what it does and what it plans to do in the future. High quality video production services will do just that, highlighting your non-profit’s culture.

A non-profit marketing video will let donors and volunteers experience what it’s like to work with the organization, both internally and from the outside. Viewers want to see the actions and emotions of the people involved with the non-profit, the people who work with it and benefit from its mission. In this way, producing a non-profit video is about people — who is involved and why.

A video designed specifically for a non-profit will take viewers on a journey through the heart of the organization. In addition to the mission of and people working with the organization, the video can also include financial statements and disclosures unique to the non-profit sector, showing what donations are being used for. Such a video can essentially take a snippet of every aspect of the non-profit’s website, as well as other aspects, and condense them into a concise video with a clear and effective message derived specifically from the organization’s mission.

Photos can also be used, but metrics have proven that video is a more effective medium, producing a higher volume of views and impressions

Finally, it’s good to know that while videos can be useful marketing tools for non-profits, quality counts more than anything else. It would not be wise to throw together a hodgepodge of images in a free video editing app and call it done. The whole point of producing a marketing video is to impress viewers. The best way to do so is to enlist the help of a professional video production services company.

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