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Videos for Higher Education

Attract, Retain & Recruit New Students for your Programs

When a prospective student is on your website or social media a video is what will tell your story and show them what a day in the life might look like for them. Create video for each program’s landing page, social media, and interviews with graduates to learn how your institution was such a big part of their success.

Recruitment Videos for Higher Education can look like:

  • Undergraduate Enrollment
  • Graduate Enrollment
  • Program Specific Enrollment
  • Online Learning Enrollment
  • Student Retention Videos- Campus tours, graduate ceremony sizzles, graduate interviews etc..

If you’d like to learn more about how you can get your hands on high-quality videos for your higher education institute reach out to One Floor Up today.


Using Video to Simplify & Explain Complex Topics

Video is a great way to break down and simplify complicated topics into their simpler counterparts, especially when it comes to education and learning. How much more would your students appreciate your effort if you were to show them a video of the topics you were teaching?

I’d imagine most students would be ecstatic, as videos have always been a rare occurrence when it came to learning most topics taught in high school or university.

If you can use animations and explainer videos to create visually-compelling messages that students resonate with and respond to, you’ll be on your way to significantly improve the education levels in a multitude of schools.

As educators, our job is to put our best foot forward and do everything we can to benefit our students. By adding animated videos into your curriculum, specifically covering topics that are more difficult to understand without a visual, your student’s confidence levels will rise and their understanding of the topic would also increase.


Take Your Curriculum to the Next Level

How many animated videos or explainers are currently available in your educational curriculum? For most teachers or professors, the answer is very few to none.

In the past, any videos would have to be professionally produced, recorded, and then distributed on a large scale. Today, this has been flipped completely upside down.

In our modern digital age, we can create high-quality animations and videos on any subject very rapidly. If you want to explain a scientific concept to your class, for example, ordering a short animation on that concept might be enough to solidify it into your student’s heads.

When your students understand something, it sticks with them for a long time. It is only when they don’t understand, that things can get frustrating. This lack of understanding can then “bleed into” other topics, where the concept they didn’t understand was actually a core concept of the next series of lessons.

This means the ball is in your court – it is up to you to decide whether or not you’d like to improve your educational curriculum and help students grow in their studies and in life.


Get High-Quality Educational Videos from One Floor Up

If you’d like to get high-quality educational videos for your students and curriculum, reach out to One Floor Up to learn more about how we can help.

We are a luxury production and videography company that’s based out of the Dallas and Denver metro areas. Our specialty is creating animated videos and explainer videos that help promote educational growth, and clarify topics that students might have trouble understanding.

Using animated videos with your students is one of the best ways to help them visualize the concepts being taught, and take action on re-learning certain concepts as required to solidify their knowledge.

By actually focusing on the needs of your students and learning how animations and explainer videos can revolutionize the education industry en-masse, it’s important to understand just how many individuals learn best visually.

Let’s turn that video concept into reality.

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