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The Joie de Vivre of Travel

After years of having travel plans canceled or disrupted by Covid, it seems like everyone is now making up for lost time. This week alone, friends and family in my immediate circle have traveled to England, Cabo, Chicago, LA, San Diego, and Florida.

It’s no surprise that after the last two years we’re all seeking that joie de vivre. Travel is a great way to step out of the humdrum of daily life and experience that. 

At One Floor Up, we love video production geared toward tourism. Travel is, by nature, made for visual media. Sprawling vistas, oceanfront villas, unbelievable food, are all brought to life through video. 



There are many elements that go into this kind of marketing. Creative storytelling, captivating imagery, and a compatible soundtrack are crucial aspects of an effective tourism video. 




A successful tourism marketing video gives viewers a unique and unforgettable experience before their bags are even packed. These videos are viewed every day throughout the customer journey, shaping decisions about how, when, and where to travel. More than sixty percent of travelers view tourism marketing videos as they are looking for activities at their destination.




According to a tourism report by Google, more than three quarters of recreational travelers are not set on a specific airline when they are booking a vacation. What’s more, over eighty percent of these travelers haven’t yet decided on a hotel or other accommodations.

All of this presents a valuable opportunity to use high-quality tourism marketing video to capture the customer’s attention and business.

Quality video production services will highlight your brand’s personality, and make it stand out among the competition. In a travel industry that is flooded with tourism marketing videos, we’re here to make sure that yours rises above the crowd.

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