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Hey, That’s Kind Of Cool…

It’s 2022 and video is everywhere. We know people can’t stop scrolling and the masses are currently overstimulated. With all the content flying at your brain, I wanted to stop you and show you a couple of cool things that we’ve been working on and doing over here. 

First cool thing is that our post team has been creating 3D characters and villains for one of our clients. Finally, years and years of playing video games is paying off for these guys. There is a lot that goes into creating 3D characters. Not only do they have to design their look of them, but they create movement and personality to go with them. Take a look here if you want.

The second is this video for our client called Track Group. I absolutely love working with this group of people. They have been working with us for years and years and we are always so intrigued by what they are working on. This video is called Socrates. Socrates 360 is a platform that offers content and services to people who are returning to the community after being incarcerated. It helps users stay on track with their goals, appointments and offers health and wellbeing support when they need it most. I loved this project because we were able to do a live-action shoot that integrated an app overview using motion graphics and animation. Watch the full video. Also big shout out to our client and friend, Miranda Follis for her acting debut. Link to her IMBD page is coming soon. 

The last kind of cool thing is I started sending my prospects an “Event in a Box”. I really wanted to get together and do a wellness event for my clients and prospects. I was finding that the people I’ve been meeting with were feeling tired, overworked, and coming out of some kind of post-pandemic funk.  While I wanted to have an in-person event the temperature for that didn’t seem quite right in January/February. So, I hired our production team to film me and a few of my favorite health and wellness experts to give us tips and tricks to feel better. I also put a box together with tea, sleep masks, booty bands, and other items to help us feel our best. If you are interested in receiving one or want more info on these events in a box let me know!

Thanks for reading, tune in for more cool things coming soon!


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