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Video Studios and Value

Let’s start with the facts: a studio-created explainer video is worth every penny.

Whether you’re a startup or an established company, using video content marketing increases your brand presence tenfold.

Studio shot video makes a difference

Put your best foot forward, use a professional video team.

Here’s how:

Anyone running a business can likely say that they believe their brand is the best. Of course! That’s why you created it, why you invested time and money into your business. But, this makes it more difficult for you to represent your brand by influencing the way that you value features and aspects of your company due to your heavy investment.

Involving a video production company can help better weigh those features, as they can approach the project without any bias. Having an outside perspective can shed light on the story that your brand should be telling, one that accentuates your industry, culture and dynamic. You can also rely on a third party video production company to provide feedback and knowledge regarding your target audience and how to better capture their attention. A video production company specializes in creative thinking and ideas.

Often, clients feel that they need a lengthier video to explain the brand’s message and other vital information. A large part of the value in hiring a video production company is that a skilled producer can hone in on the most important facets of your video message. Compressing the message will also help retain your audience’s attention throughout the span of the video.

Creating simplicity from a complex business structure or product is extremely difficult, which is why a video production studio that specializes in simplification and has experience producing visual marketing videos will be your best option.

Audio professionals select fitting background track

The expertise to execute your vision

The video production team will typically include a writer that is trained to script your project using keywords that are both relevant to your industry and unbiased to best promote your business culture and services. It is up to the remaining team members to create a perfect visual pairing for the script that is entertaining and memorable.

It can take hundreds of hours for even a skilled video production company to produce a 60 second video or animated video. The work of illustrators to motion graphics professionals and other creative team members is needed to complete your project.

Partnering with a video production team gives you access to a network of talented, creative professionals – many that have taken years to assemble as a team. They can make difficult production decisions to ensure that your visual storytelling project transcends your brand’s message to show its culture and personality. For example, they can put you in touch with the right illustrator depending upon your preferred style of design. They know which writer’s style fits with your brand’s culture and which talent is reliable and suitable for your brand’s personality. They can recommend a background track that perfectly compliments the emotional dynamic of your video.

Each small piece of guidance that your video production company offers you will contribute to the success of your video. A successful visual marketing piece can mean additional revenue and web presence for your brand – a value that will add to your organization immensely and quickly show your return on the initial investment.

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