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When it comes to making videos that tell good stories the key is always found in collaboration.  Every collaborative team needs a leader.  Within Video Production that role is usually some type of Producer. There are tons of different types of Producers: Executive Producers, Line Producers, Field Producers, Associate Producers, Food Producers (ok, the last one is a joke, kinda…).  But what do all of these roles have in common?  They are the organizers, motivators, and the driving force behind every creative video project.

Typically the Producer will serve as the main point of contact for the entire project.  Initially she begins with the Pre-Production phase by working to understand the goal of the project, the time constraints, the creative vision and the overall budget.  She asks tons of questions in order to understand your audience, your brand, your messaging and even your future plans and how they might impact the project today.

With that information she is able to segment out the roles needed to complete the task of telling a story.  For example, if the best direction for the video is to write a script and shoot a video, she will work to identify the right team.  She selects the Writers, Directors, Camera Operators, Audio Technicians, Lighting Specialists, Makeup Artists, Set Designers, Talent, Location Scouts,  the list goes on and on depending on the project.

During the Production phase, she makes sure every detail has been thought through.  What are the locations, when are call times (when each person needs to arrive), what is the weather like, when is lunch coming, where are the props, are we done yet? – The producer knows these answers, and usually much more.  And if the unfortunate event occurs, and an issue arrises, she finds the solution.

The Producer also guides the Post-Production phase of the project.  As the Edit team works to craft the content, she navigates the direction for the overall story.  From facilitating the creation of Motion Graphics or 3D Animations, to working with designers and illustrators, she ensures the client understands the process and is happy with the direction of the project.  When the editors have hit a wall with the story, or have trouble deciding which take might be best, she guides them to finding a solution the client would prefer.

Finally, a good Producer makes sure that along with reaching the client objectives, each member of the team is given the chance to offer their voice and feel respected along the way.  Althogh the project needed a leader, it is only with the contributions of the entire team that one gets to experience the excellence that can be found in collaboration.

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