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6 Free Typefaces To Use In Your Next Motion Graphic Video

If your brand doesn’t have rigid brand guidelines, it may seem overwhelming when looking through the millions of typefaces at your disposal. In my first attempt to rid the world of the monstrosities that are Comic Sans and Papyrus, I thought it might be useful to share some free-to-use typefaces that integrate well with motion graphics.


Bulleto Killa shares a lot of traits with the very overused Lobster. In addition to being a great replacement for lobster, it comes with free swishes and ligatures that are super easy to integrate. This typeface is free, but the rest of the font has to be purchased.


Futura bold has been my absolute favorite typeface since college, and I still find myself using it regularly today. A condensed font with clear lettering, futura is the perfect choice for lower third graphics and infographic data.


Big Noodle*
A fantastic font for titling and short form text. It’s a condensed font with bold forms and a slightly futuristic edge. The sharp corners give this one a little attitude.  So what’s the asterisk for, you ask? Its free for personal use, but a commercial license costs $15.


Helvetica Neue Black Extended Oblique

You have to hand it to Linotype on this one. They knocked it out of the park with Helvetica Neue. With tons of font choices, Helvetica Neue Black Extended Oblique is just one the many styles in this flexible font family. Its also a terrific action font, and one that holds up well when converted to 3D for things like movie trailers.


Bebas Neue
There is perhaps no typeface better suited for short-form text than Bebas Neue. The letter forms are clean and bold, making them easy to read and understand quickly.  However, it does have limitations. As a caps-only typeface, it is not ideal for use in lengthy text blocks.


Aptly named, Simplifica doesn’t mess around with serifs or unnecessary design. A slightly condensed sans-serif typeface featuring thin line width and high positioned caps-height, favoring legibility. A simple and clear typeface.

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